6T / H Industrial Horizontal wood burning boiler Biomass Steam Boiler for Rice Mill Machine

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Posted : 2019-07-22 10:48:02
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Detail:6T / H Industrial Horizontal wood burning boiler Biomass Steam Boiler for Rice Mill Machine,High quality & Good Price!
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6T / H Industrial Horizontal wood burning boiler Biomass Steam Boiler for Rice Mill Machine

    6T / H Industrial Horizontal wood burning boiler steam boiler for Rice Mill Machine


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    Wood burning boiler Product description 

    1. Extremely flecible and simple installation.Just place the boiler on the foundation.

    2. Heating area is the closely-aligned round coils.Heating area is arranged sufficiently to reduce the surface heat load of pipe and handle the heat transfer oil safely.

    3. Size of hearth matches the combustion flame.Use the barotropic combustion to increase the radiation heating efficiency.

    4. Compact boiler saves the space of boiler room greatly.

    5. Air preheater is mounted at the tail of large boiler to improve the efficency.

    Wood Burning Boiler, Straw briquette Fuel (Biomass pellet Or Biomass Molding Fuel, hereinafter referred to as BMF ) is the use of agriculture and forestry waste (such as straw, sawdust, bagasse, etc.) as raw material after crushing, drying, mixing, extrusion process, such as molding made (such as granular, rod,block, etc.). 

    It is mainly used to replace the traditional fossil energy (coal, oil and natural gas), and directly combust the new type of clean fuel in the biomass burning machine specially developed and developed. 

    The components of biomass forming fuel BMF constitute BMF composed of combustible, inorganic and water. 

    Run the environmental protection, save fuel, automatically feed, slag, blower fan to adjust the frequency, the boiler fully automatic operation, can adjust the fuel quantity according to the load chan.

    What is the size of furnace door and blower hopper?

    Size of furnace door:

    Standard elliptical furnace door:300*800*1500

    Blower hopper size:

    2 tons conical hopper: 1400*800*1500

    4 tons conical hopper: 2200*1400*1500

    DZH 6 t Coal / BIomass Fired wood burning boiler Technical Parameters
    Item No. DZH1-1.0 DZH2-1.0 DZH4-1.25 DZH6-1.25
    Rated steam output(t/h) 1 2 4 6
    Rated work pressure(Mpa) 1 1 1.25 1.25
    Rated steam temperature(°C) 184 184 194 194
    Rated feed water temperature(°C) 20 20 20 20
    Thermal efficiency(%) 77.18 76.8 78.8 78.5
    Fuel consumption (kg/h) 172 358 726 1080
    Shipping size(m) 4.31*1.9*2.86 5.41*2.6*3.1 5.86*2.8*3.39 6.2*2.96*3.58


    This product use rapid combustion chamber,burning with wood chips,wood block,wood batten,bark,bamboo filament,clothing and bags enterprise waste,agrucultural broken straw,etc.
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