Grate bars for traveling grate stoker

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Posted : 2020-04-29 16:29:11
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Detail:Grate bars for traveling grate stoker,High quality & Good Price!
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Grate bars for traveling grate stoker

    grate bars for traveling grate stoker

    What is a passive grate bars? The passive grate bars is also called the auxiliary grate bars and the driven bars, which is opposite to the active grate bars.

    In the field of boiler equipment, the most basic is the chain grate stoker, which is the main part of the thermal energy system for the boiler. In addition to the design of the grate frame in the composition of the chain grate stoker, the grate bars directly determine the quality of the travelling grate stoker.

    However, what factors determine the service life and efficiency of the travelling grate stoker?

    1. The material of the grate bars. The materials contents gray iron, malleable iron, ductile iron, alloy steel, etc.

    Conventional steam boilers only need to use gray iron, or ductile iron, or ball milled cast iron. If you want to operate the boiler for at least 5 years without replacing the grate bars, then we suggest to choose a higher quality alloy steel grate bars.

    2. Choose different grate bars for different fuels.

    For conventional A-II bituminous coal and anthracite, normally you could choose drive bars + 18 or 24mm passive grate bars. Materials: HT150,or HT200.

    But If the fuel is ordinary granular biomass, small scale grate bars can be used. The small scale grate bars also named flake type grate bars. The small scale grate bars can withstand high temperature and coking. It is more suitable for the combustion of granular biomass.

    3. If the incinerator is garbage, then you need to choose the reciprocating grate, which assemble with alloy steel grate bars as the base.

    This type material is excellent heat-resistant alloy steel, the grate structure, and movement mode are simple, it is not easy to jam, the failure rate is low, saving a lot of maintenance and maintenance costs.


    A cooling insert is installed on the bottom surface of the grate bars so that the cooling effect of the primary air is good, and the grate is hardly burned.

    Our alloy grate bars work long lifetime, which is replaced from the 4th year, and the annual replacement rate is 2% or less.

    To improve the accuracy required for on-site installation, the traveling grate stoker can be assembled first in the workshop. the modular structure of the chain grate stoker facilitates road transportation and on-site installation.


    At the same time, there are other choices of grate: live core grate bars, four-claw grate without cross air and air leak.


    If your size is different from ours, we can open the mold according to the size you provide. The new product set size will be exactly the same as the original grate bars.

    4. The design and tightness of the grate bars.

    The left end and the right end of the grate bars body are respectively provided with protrusions for preventing the leakage of pulverized coal.

    The protrusions of the grate bars are staggered in the height direction of the grate bars body to prevent cross-winding between the section air supply chambers and improve the air chamber section delivery the function of the wind.

    In addition, it can prevent air leakage before and after the grate, reduce the amount of air leakage in the furnace, and reduce the power consumption of the fan.

    The passive grate bars is also called the auxiliary grate bars and the driven bars, which is opposite to the active grate bars.
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