Three Pass Type Boiler 1 Ton Automatic Industrial Natural Gas Steam Boiler for Beverage Factory

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Posted : 2020-01-02 10:18:37
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Detail:Three Pass Type Boiler 1 Ton Automatic Industrial Natural Gas Steam Boiler for Beverage Factory,High quality & Good Price!
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Three Pass Type Boiler 1 Ton Automatic Industrial Natural Gas Steam Boiler for Beverage Factory

    WNS1-1.25-YQ steam boiler structure features

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    1. Yongxing combustion space of the boiler is a full corrugated furnace with a larger diameter.
    2. Use a high speed heat transfer element pipe.
    3. Optimize the flow rate design.
    4. Full-flange docking structure. The expansion of the boiler is effectively absorbed to ensure the safety of the boiler.
    5. Double-sealed front and rear smoke boxes.
    6. Fully wet back fireback structure.

    Technical advantages of 1 ton gas boiler:

    1. yongxing design with Large furnace crucible, internal wave corrugated furnace, and two-pass wet-back technology, which increases the flow of flue gas to enhance heat transfer, and has a large heating area, which effectively eliminates the thermal expansion stress of the furnace and is safer and has a long service life.
    2. Intensified heat transfer technology—threaded pipe (Beijing Institute of Light Technology) increases smoke disturbance and enhances heat transfer. Reasonably arranging the pipe and pulling the breathing vacancy to meet the strength calculation requirements effectively improves the strength of the boiler tube sheet. strong and sturdy.
    3. Ceramic fiber seal, durable and no smoke.
    4. High-quality thick aluminum silicate fiberboard has good insulation effect, and the boiler surface temperature is not higher than 50 °C.
    5. More scientific design of the drum diameter, stable operation and high steam quality.
    6. Original imported burner, high degree of automation and safety, and long-term cooperation with multinational companies are guaranteed after sale.
    7. Over-temperature, over-pressure, water shortage, leakage, flameout and other protection functions, boiler operation is safe and reliable.
    8. The unique “backwater ring” design is not available from other manufacturers, which increases the service life of the boiler.
    9. The integrated design of condenser, energy saver and boiler mainframe is more energy-saving, environmentally friendly and efficient.
    10. Since the water vapor in the flue gas is almost completely condensed into water, the SO2 and nitrogen oxides formed in the combustion of the gas are slowly and enriched in acidity, although they are dissolved in water, so that the acidity becomes stronger and stronger, so the condenser is selected at the beginning of the design. Ultra-corrosion resistant steel with longer condenser life.

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